How to install the sealing gasket?
  • Date:2023-01-11
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What tools are required to install the sealing gasket?
The following equipment needs to be prepared before installation
Calibrated torque wrenches, hydraulic tightening wrenches, or other tightening tools;
Steel wire brush and brass brush are better;
Eye protection glasses;
Other factory specified tools, etc.
Various specific tools are required for cleaning and tightening fasteners. In addition, standard installation equipment must be used and safe operation regulations must be observed.
1. Inspection and cleaning:
Clean all foreign impurities and debris from the gasket pressing surface, various fasteners (bolts, stud bolts), nuts, and gaskets;
Inspect fasteners, nuts, and gaskets for defects such as burrs and cracks;
Check the flange surface for warpage, deformation, radial scratches, deep tool bruises, or other defects that affect the correct seating of the gasket;
If a defective original is found, it should be replaced in a timely manner. If you have any questions about whether to replace it, you can promptly contact the sealing gasket manufacturer.

Installation requirements for sealing gasket